Fuse Smart Devices

Fuse Smart Lights

Take complete control of your lighting with Fuse Smart Lights. Control with simple voice commands using your Fuse Connect smart hub or a few taps in the Fuse smartphone app adjust your lighting from vibrant colors to bright whites easily. Create groups of lights to control entire rooms or scenes with a single command.

Fuse Cam

Set it up and put it anywhere, the Fuse Cam is ready to help you look after your home and family. Easy to install, the Fuse Wifi Cam works in all kinds of homes and on all surfaces. With available live streaming, you'll always be able to keep an eye on what matters most no matter where you are.

Fuse Connect

The Fuse Connect is your hub for all the smart devices in your home. Control anything from your climate control to your smart appliances with simple voice commands or the sleek touchscreen interface. The Fuse Connect brings the control of all your smart devices to one unified interface.