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Company – Fuse Automation

Fuse Automation is the maker of Fuse Connect, the hub for all the smart devices in your home. On a mission to unify all smart home devices, the company develops solutions that simplify and power the ultimate smart home. Fuse Automation believes consumers should have the power to choose their preferred products from different brands without sacrificing ease and convenience in their smart home experience.

Product – Fuse Connect

The Fuse Connect simplifies your smart home by unifying the control of all of your smart devices. Using your voice, the wall-mounted touch panel or the smartphone and smartwatch mobile apps, the Connect is designed to maximize the features of each smart device in the home while providing a rich user experience.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Fuse Automation will be launching the Fuse Connect product on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in February of 2017. The product will be available for pre-order for the first time as necessary production capital for the initial manufacturing run is raised. In addition to one-time launch discounts, including 50% off MSRP to early-backers, there will be other special perks available, including a wide-range of smart home products.

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Fuse Connect Features - Talking Points

• “The smart way to control your smart home” – The Fuse Connect makes it easier to get the most out of any smart home.

• Bringing together the controls for your popular entertainment and home automation products in one smart hub, it integrates out of the box with Nest, Spotify, Sonos, Hue, and many others that are being added every day.

• You can use the Fuse Connect the way you want and communicate with it with your voice, the controls on your wall panel, or with the app on your smart phone or smart watch.

• Launching through Indiegogo, backers get a chance to support a future of a universal smart home, and take advantage of one-time only discounts.

• With Arrow Certification, you can be even more confident in the Fuse Connect coming together in a timely manner.

The Fuse Team

Mark Lyle

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and has been a part of the electronics design and manufacturing industry for 20 years as a leading software and automation engineer. Mark previously co-founded Universal Microwave Corp. in 1998 which was later acquired by RFMD/Qorvo(Nasdaq: QRVO) in 2008.

Jonathan Macanian

Jonathan brings many years of sales and business development experience. Prior to Fuse Automation, Jonathan was the VP of Business Development at Woodbridge International, a global investment banking firm. Before joining Woodbridge, Jonathan worked for Keshet Advisors, an Israel based investment banking firm where he provided business development and advisory services to Israeli technology companies.

Chris Ladwig

Chris is an award-winning Art Director/Designer currently living in Orlando, FL. He focuses on branding and packaging and has had his work featured in some of the top design publications. He's won multiple local, regional and even a few national awards in the Adfed. His work for Sonny's BBQ has recently been listed on Rebrand's 100 for 2016.

Adam Kossoff

Adam Kossoff is an experienced Brand and Marketing leader currently living in Brooklyn, NY. With a broad experience in all aspects of marketing, partnerships, and promotions, Adam has a strong track record of launching and growing brands. Before joining Fuse Automation, Adam led North America brand strategy at Karhoo, a mobile tech-startup, and global brand marketing efforts at Nutrabolt, a leader in sports nutrition.

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